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(1) When planning to order the color of the linen, we suggest you bring a swatch to match it to make sure that you order the right color and material.

(2) After you order, you can only decrease the number of quantity by 10% (prior to 7 days of the event). You can also increase the quantity of the item, provided we have it available in stock.

1. Orders of 100 chair covers or less CAN NOT be changed to have less quantity.
2. You CAN NOT decrease the number of table clothes in any size order.
3. There is no exchange available for the special/custom order.

(3) Cancellations must be made no later than 3 days from day of payment. Deposits will not be returned for cancellations made after 3 days.

(4) We accept credit cards (Visa/MasterCard; +6% required), PayPal, check and cash. We do not accept checks 2 weeks before the event.

(5) Customers can come to pick up and drop off the linens by themselves. When you pick up, or we ship out the products, we need to charge your credit card of the security deposit, which is the same amount of money you rented or those that we can set up for you. We do not charge fee for missed or damaged if set up by KINGS CHAIR COVER.

(6) The purpose of charging for security deposits is to ensure the products are returned on time. The security deposit will be refunded to you.

(7) Please call 3-7 days before your event to confirm the pick up date. You can pick up the linens 3 days before the event date.

1. When you pick up the linens, please count them before you leave. We require the customer's signature to confirm the quantity, style and color of the linens, as well as a copy of your photo ID before you pick up the linens.

(8) All rentals must be returned on Monday or Tuesday following the event. You are responsible for returning the linens in the same condition that you received them, except for normal wear.

1. Normal wear is food, beverages, and other consumable stains.
2. It does NOT include wax, ink, paint, holes, and/or other unusual damage. We charge extra fee to clear the candle wax. Linens are expected to be free of loose items before returning.
3. Please make sure that they are dry and free of food so that they do not get molded or damaged during the shipment back to us. If the linens are wet, please let them dry before putting them back into the box.
4. Upon receipt of the linens, it is your responsibility to inspect them and inform us of any damages prior to the event. Linens that are returned damaged are assumed to have been damage-free unless otherwise noted. In addition, if any returned linens are damaged or missing at the return date, you will be charged for their 2x replacement cost at the sale price at the time you return. The reason is for this is that we will be needing theses covers/linen for the next orders and will now need to order more covers at express shipping to ensure new covers arrive on time.

(9) Rentals that have not been returned, as of seven days after the event date, will begin to incur a late charge. Such late charges will constitute an additional week's rental and continue at that rate until the linens are returned.

(10) When you return the linens, we request that you wait for us to finish counting the linens. This is to make sure that the amount of linens returned equals the same amount of linens rented. We require your signature to confirm the quantity of linens returned. For a professional look for your event, we suggest that you hire Kings Chair Cover or any other professional to set up your linen. If you hire Kings Chair Cover to set up your chair covers, please have the chair to set up before we arrive. We CAN NOT wait for longer than half hour for the chair to be set up. If the chairs are not ready for us when we arrive, we can not guarantee that we will be able to set up the linens on time. For this reason, if we were unable to finish your set-up, we are not able to return the set-up fees to you.

Below is a map of the estimated shipping times for us to ship to your address:

Shipping Estimate Map




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